Monday, July 21, 2008

Financial Times: Urgent Fresh News on Usama Ben Laden?

bogey chang-ts sent me this flash:

Special issue of news from Financial Times! Urgent Fresh News Usama Ben Laden!

Special issue of news from Telerate! Urgent Shocking News!

Usama bin Laden(Osama bin Laden) one of the largest organizers of terrorist activity, and similarly the largest leaders of terrorist organization of Al Kaeda, detained American soldiery force in Iraq.

Ben Ladena consider participating to a number of diversionary acts: to encroaching upon the American citizens in Adene (Yemen) (1992), to the attack on the American servicemen in Somali (1993), to the explosion in the World shopping center in New York (1993), to murder of the American servicemen in Er-riyade and Dakhrane (Saudovskaya Arabia, 1995-1996), to shooting of tourists in Luksore (Egypt, 1997), to the explosions at the American embassies in Nayrobi (Kenya), Dar-es-salame (Tanzania) (1998), to encroaching upon the president of Uzbekistan of Islam of Karimova (1999), to injury of ship VMS of the USA in Yemen (2000), to the explosions of dwelling-houses in Moscou, Buynaksk and Volgodonsk, support of the Albanian separatists in Bosnia and Kosove and chechenskikh hits, in particular islams Khattaba, Abdully Maleka, Mukhammeda Sharifa and Salakh ÜÄ-Dinah. Ben is Well-built is an organizer of monstrous acts of terrorism in New York and Washington of September, 11 2001, taking away lives more than 5 thousand of persons after elimination by the airplanes taken the terrorists of two towers of the World shopping center.

Interview Appeal of Usamy after detention his American soldiery accessible here!

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