Monday, June 23, 2008

Stasya ready for romance

Nastia of sent in this appeal:

Aloha, gentleman!

I understand one thing ? this life is useless without love and romance, without cosy days which you spend with your beloved and even if he is far from you and you are not with him, you miss him, but you understand that you can meet him very soon and you don't have deep edge into your heart which is called loneliness.

I want to change my lonely, busy days into cosy and romantic ones. I need to be beloved and to be cared; and I want to take care and to love someone who will be the dearest person into the whole Earth. You'll find me here if you decide to change your routine life into romantic one.

Waiting for your

Stasya is apparently the same as Nastya


Nishadha Silva said...

Here via EC and I see you still haven't added a favicon in your blog.Its easy to do and helps you stand out from the rest of the blogspot blogs.Check out my post about it.How to add a favicon in Blogger

Kelly W. said...

I don't have the time, Nishadha. This blog is doing fine with minimal bells and whistles, as well as posts.

I know the process for including the ICO file, and it seems to be somewhat of an indirect method - the file must be hosted on a third site. Not so convenient, just to present a tiny picture.
But thanks for the thought and care!