Friday, June 6, 2008

Ringaza chimes in:

Carrier charges may apply. Internet-enabled handsets are required for
all use of the Ringaza services except for text messages. Text
messaging capability is required for all Ringaza services. By entering
the PIN code sent via text message to the cell phone number supplied
by you on this page, you acknowledge you are subscribing to Ringaza's
Club service. The 10 complimentary ringtones & 5 complimentary
wallpapers offer is available as 10 extra ringtone credits & 5 extra
wallpaper credits only to AT&T, Cellular One, Sprint, T-Mobile and
Verizon Wireless customers upon successful registration of the Ringaza
Club. Downloading of ringtones and wallpaper is available and requires
a paid $9.99 monthly subscription, which will be billed on your
cellular phone bill. Ringaza's Club service includes credits good for
5 ringtone downloads, 5 wallpaper downloads, and 2 text service
subscriptions per month. Please note: Verizon Wireless customers must
own a handset with Picture Messaging to download ringtones and
wallpapers. Verizon Wireless customers who do not own a Picture
Messaging handset will not be able to download ringtones and
wallpaper, and will instead be given credits redeemable for 4 monthly
text message subscriptions for $9.99/month. Alltel, Boost and Nextel
customers may only receive Ringaza's text messages as they are unable
to access Ringaza's ringtone services. Alltel, and Nextel customers
will see a charge of $9.99/month on their cell phone bills for 4 text
service subscriptions per month, and Boost customer will have
$6.99/month deducted from their prepaid balance for 4 text service
subscriptions per month. Ringaza's text message subscription service
is delivered 7 days a week except for Hip Hop Alerts, which are 3
days/week. Ringtone Club subscribers may cancel by texting STOP to
75714. All plans are subject to Ringaza's Terms & Conditions and
Privacy Policy, available on our Web site.

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